Did you download Viber App for your new iPhone X?


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Did you download Viber App for your new iPhone X?

Download and Install Viber Messenger App for your new amazong iPhone X. Even as eager Apple loyalists stood in line waiting for the emergence of the much-touted iPhone X, Android users were all talking about the fact that they had

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Download Viber and Make Clear International Calls for Free

If you’ve never heard of Viber, it’s basically an app that lets you make free phone calls to anybody who has a Viber on their phone as well, and this is available for iPhone and Android. So everybody out there

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Apple’s plan to restore iPhone X sales

Almost every person in the world with an even distant connection to the world of technology knows or has an idea the sales of iPhone X was a major failure for Apple as it did not even come close to

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Viber for Best IPhone 8 deal by Verizon

So far, this holiday season has been perceived as a terribly slow season in terms of deals on smart phones. Due to the great success of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 as well as the late launching of IPhone 8, different

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Viber Messenger allows Users to Do Banking through Chatbot


Comtrade Digital Services has developed a programmed banking platform which allows Viber users to perform a wide range of banking operations using Chatbot. As per Comtrade, this project was completed in a period of three months. Now, Viber users will

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Viber App introduces Encryption for Messages and Calls


Safety has always been a number one issues on the Internet providers. No matter we are talking about desktop computers or new smartphones, the importance of data protection is in the first place. As a commonly used app, Viber announced

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