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August Updates of Viber Messenger


Recently the developer has improved how you buy Viber Out credit by adding new payment options. You can also share the vibes by inviting an entire group of people to follow a given public chat. Moreover, the video calling has

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Viber acquires Nextpeer to Boost its Gaming Platform


Viber has made the taken over of Nextpeer known. Nextpeer is the firm in support of multiplayer and social tools of the same name for games developers known. This will add the expertise of the firm to the new gaming

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Viber Messenger App is Now on the Chrome OS


Recent news revealed that Viber messenger app for mobile messaging and calling application has now come to the Chrome OS operating system. This makes video, text and video chats available to Chromebox and Chromebook users. Calls to landline numbers attract a

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Lenovo Miix & Yoga Tablets


Lenovo is a top smartphone and computer manufacturing firm. Lenovo have a wide market all over the world and also have a division, Motorola Mobility, which sells under its own name. Their range of tablet smartphones are classified under the

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Viber – The Latest Buzz


Viber, an instant messaging and calling application for the Smartphone, uses VOIP. With 100 million monthly users all over the world, Viber is the most popular application for the smart phone. (2 raters, 6 scores, average: 3.00 out of 5)

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Popular app Viber crosses the 40 million mark in India


Viber, since its initiation earlier in 2013, has come out as a giant performing app on all the smartphones. This app is so popular that you are sure to find it in all the smart handsets joining the likes of

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