Viber Reviews

Viber Reviews:

I love new features

by Puneet J.

Updated: Finally you have completed my wish and 5 Stars for you just to bring BLOCK option. Love you Viber Team !!!

Old : Overall its great app but I have changed its rating to 4 stars because it doesn't have a block a contact, i keep on getting calls and messages from someone that i don't want to talk and there is no way to block or stop that freak.
Can you pleaseeeee add blocking feature that prevent user from calling or texting like "LINE" app has done that ? Please dont lose ur fans and make them use another app. Hope to see viber with block feature in next update thanks!


One issue with new update, a few suggestions

by Mich1015

I was able to set a contact image for groups before, now they're gone and I can't figure out how to set an image.
Also-- can we have the option to override the photo that a contact has set for him or herself so that it always uses the photo from the contact list?

The "last seen" feature doesn't seem to work right. It says Online when the user doesn't have the app open. And it would be great if we were able to uninstall sticker packs.
And pleaseee add the option to press the return button to send a message. Thanks!


Martina Nell

Can't always visit your friends but viber brings you close together and you can have a uninterupted conversation and catch up on al the news, TEN STAR SERVICE.



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