Download Viber and Make Clear International Calls for Free

If you’ve never heard of Viber, it’s basically an app that lets you make free phone calls to anybody who has a Viber on their phone as well, and this is available for iPhone and Android. So everybody out there it is free and it is for everybody! What you can do is to sign up with your phone number and from that point, it syncs up with your contact list, and then it automatically detects friends who are already using it.

It does have a great sound quality, HD sound quality. You got to be on Wi-Fi for the most part for it to work really well or 4G. You can participate in whatever groups with up to 100 participants and that’s crazy and you can send stickers, little smiley faces.

Let me show you what it looks like real quick, so this is the app if you’re looking for. Oh, it’s also on Android as well, so I went to Google Play to do my research and it’s on Google Play as well Viber there. It is so everybody is out there for everybody. Alright, so you go in once you sync up. You get your picture in. There’S a sticker market: if you don’t know what stickers are as basically like these little smiley faces little cute things you can send to people or whatever so anyway down here at the bottom, looks here’s your phone contact list or whatever.

So you go to your contacts. It shows who you have on here: reset phone calls keypad. If you want to you, know dial out as well and messages you can do text messages as well.

It’s a great app if you have friends overseas, and you know you don’t want to get a SIM card for it or whatever, and you just want to talk though, and you have Wi-Fi so it’s very good to kind of stay in contact with people. So check out this Viber app, I’m sure you’ll like it.

And now Download Viber for your phone.

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Download Viber and Make Clear International Calls for Free

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