Making International Calls with Viber and Simplecall

Viber and Simplecall Comparison: We know making international calls to majority of the destinations is expensive and calling rates for the past few years don’t seem to be getting any cheap through the traditional calling plans. Fortunately, enough voice over IP or VOIP had been able to modify the way people make calls and have substantially reduced the costs of calls people make abroad.

The two popular voip services we are discussing here are viber and simplecall. International calls can be making using both although there are some fundamental differences between the two. 


  • Simplecall was founded in Britain in 2009 and has rapidly grew to become the one of the big VoIP providers in Europe and Americans. Simplecall works on smartphones and on PC’s as well and with old mobiles and landlines.
  • Viber was launched in 2010, and was originally intended to be a competitor for Skype specifically targeting the iPhone market. It has slowly increased its reach, and can now be downloaded to newer Android phones, iPhones, Windows phones, Blackberry devices and personal computers.
  • Simplecall offers incredibly cheap international calling to users by creating “local” landline numbers in each country so the international portion of the call costs less than calling with a calling card or using a traditional mobile carrier’s international calling plan.
  • Viber also offers free calls between Viber users, including Viber international calls, but the biggest consumer complaint is thatmantimes calls can be switched to a regular cell call mid-conversation if the internet connection is interrupted.And this results in huge phone bill charges.
  • Simplecall, doesn’t has this problem. Calls on simplecall if made with their app or the PC use the internet and do not make a switch over to the cell signal and if the call is being made using the local cell signal then it remains on the local cell signal.

Real Life Example: comparison of simplecall and viber. When a call is made using Viber, the internet connection being used to handle the call could be lost. And when this happens the call switches to the standard cell network and suddenly a phone call that was free until now is costing you money !and even the user doesn’t even know this until he receives a huge bill from his company.

In comparison, with simplecall In contrast, the call does not move to the cell signal when the 3g connection is lost rather it moves to an available wifi and in the case if the call is made over the local cell signal the low international rate continues applying seamlessly. Practically speaking, of the two apps, simplecall is the better choice for ex-pats trying to stay in touch with friends and family back home without the worry of huge monthly bills.

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Making International Calls with Viber and Simplecall

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