Viber Messenger allows Users to Do Banking through Chatbot


Viber Messenger allows Users to Do Banking through Chatbot


Comtrade Digital Services has developed a programmed banking platform which allows Viber users to perform a wide range of banking operations using Chatbot. As per Comtrade, this project was completed in a period of three months. Now, Viber users will

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Delete Messages you Never Meant to Send with Viber


With the latest version of Viber, it is now possible for you to delete messages you don’t intend to send right on your Android or iOS. This development makes Viber the only app that allows you to delete a message

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Making International Calls with Viber and Simplecall

viber simplecall

Viber and Simplecall Comparison: We know making international calls to majority of the destinations is expensive and calling rates for the past few years don’t seem to be getting any cheap through the traditional calling plans. Fortunately, enough voice over IP

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Top 4 Reasons for Choosing Viber App

vider android

Why Viber? Viber Application integrates with the Android OS,  iOS, Windows Phone OS and other devives, to give you the best performance and experience. Viber App syncs with your contacts, detecting which ones already have Viber. Simply select a contact in your agenda and talk for

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Download Viber For Blackberry Beta

viber blackberry

Viber has come up with a platform for Blackberry clients with an internationally known beta version of the viber app. The product is actually in the beta version and has come up with way better features for text messaging purposes

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