Download Viber For Blackberry Beta

Viber has come up with a platform for Blackberry clients with an internationally known beta version of the viber app. The product is actually in the beta version and has come up with way better features for text messaging purposes and picture messaging.

Viber for Blackberry Beta makes provisions for messaging and also provides the users of the app with an option to photo message as well as exchanging text messages. There are options to share information on location with other users of viber. Viber integrates the devices in order to identify existing contacts that have already installed the app. You do not have to go for any friend request process.

Viber usage is quite smooth and easy to use. The app can send photos and also send emails quite easily. Viber for blackberry sends out instant messages and also shares photos as well as emails with other viber users. Viber for blackberry has really light materials and also shares photos and music all other blackberry users. The blackberry has a good interface and also provides users with quite unique features.

The app also gives easy steps and synchronizes with your address book easily whilst also synchronizing with the BlackBerry Messenger devices and provides a better user experience.

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Download Viber For Blackberry Beta

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