Useful Viber Tips

Viber is the second most popular app for instant messaging for smartphones. The app is known mostly for its unique purple colored logo, its amazing chat stickers and even better VoIP calling facilities. This is an all in one messaging and calling service that keeps you connected with the people that are the most important in your life. It also has a very youthful and peppy appeal which makes it quite interesting to use. Learn some Viber tips to make your user experience better.

Useful Viber Tips

  1. Viber can be downloaded simultaneously on a number of devices you own. You can get one app on your smartphone, one for your tablet and one for your PC and remain connected seamlessly all over.
  2. You can use Viber Push to Talk feature which turns your phone into a Wi-Fi. Earlier you could send voice notes but even 15 second notes took a minute for recording, sending, downloading and listening. With Push to Talk feature, you will be able to talk live like a walkie talkie only. So you basically speak, record and then stream the audio file live.
  3. You can buy many stickers for your Viber app with ease. Most of these sticker are available in the Viber sticker store. However, Play Store also features many third party apps that can add a gazillion new stickers to your Viber app within seconds. Try them if you want something new with your usual Viber app.
  4. You can also customize your Viber chats. Go to Settings-Default background and change the image in the background with some new preloaded themes. You can also add your own themes in the background so that it looks more personalized than ever.
  5. Go to the action overflow menu and tap it in order to load the new contacts in your phone on Viber. You can also tick mark the option when you will be notified when any one of your contact joins Viber.
  6. You can use Viber Out to talk to people who do not have Viber installed on their phones. However, this service is chargeable.
  7. You can personalize Viber just the way you like. Select how you would like to see the message previews, what would be the chat background, will the messages pop up on the screen and much more.

The Viber app has come a long way since its first launch and has become a perfect communication platform for most of us. If you don’t have Viber, start using it now.

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Useful Viber Tips

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