Best VoIP Android Apps

VoIP apps have enabled convenient text, audio and video chatting and proving their worth by becoming essential part of today’s instant messaging world.

Following are the top rated VoIP apps ( Skype, Viber, Nimbuzz, Tango, Fring ) for your Android smartphone, with their descriptions:


skype voip

The mother of all VoIP apps, Skype is a name everyone must be familiar with. The term is just used when people want to video chat with their friends or anyone across the world. People always say, ’Let’s Skype.’ Through Skype, calls can be placed over the internet, and one can video or audio chat with anyone across the globe without any network charges. Skype app comes in a newer version in Android and can be downloaded from the Google play store quickly. It also allows you to call on landline numbers and mobile phone numbers using Skype credit.


Viber voip

Viber is a popular app for Android users and works through the internet. With the help of Viber, you can place calls on the internet by using your internet connection or data plan. It does not use your network balance, and you can freely text or call your friends through this app. Viber’s special feature enables you to reply to text and answer calls without entering the app and calls can be made to anyone in your contact list. People in your contact list who have downloaded this app automatically get added in your Viber contact list. The App provides excellent sound quality during a call and is much in use nowadays.


Nimbuzz voip

Nimbuzz is also a much-used app and similar to Viber and Skype. It allows users to voice chat, video and text chat freely. One of many unique features is that it allows you to connect to your other Instant Messaging (IM) accounts like Google Hangout, Yahoo messenger, Windows Live messenger and Facebook chat. This feature enables you to talk through your multiple accounts at the same time.


tango voip

Tango enables you to place free audio and video calls to other Tango users. Once installed on your phone, it allows free and convenient chatting with other users on the App. A distinctive feature of this app is that it is not limited to your friends on Android, you can even chat to those friends who don’t have Android and have other operating systems on their phones. So you can go ahead and talk with your friends through this amazing app.


fring voip video

Much similar to all the above apps, Fring allows you to chat freely with your friends through audio, video and text chats. Fring also allows you to connect to your friends through your phone number if you do not wish to sign up for a separate account. This particular feature enhances its usefulness as a VoIP app and is very much in use in recent times.

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Best VoIP Android Apps

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