Viber is temporarily banned in Bangladesh

Blocking of search engines, apps and programs is common with Asian countries, We read many news from China, Pakistan and India, Now Bangladeshi telecom regulators have turn off smartphone message service Viber, which had become a well-known transmission method for anti-government protesters.

This is temporarily shut down but not confirmed when they will open it again, according to police spoke person this will help to stop communications between terrorists.

Local television station Station 24 stated Viber was turn off to avoid demonstrators from “exchanging information” in the United States, although he didn’t provide good reasons for your decision.

Viber has been common among opposition demonstrators, including its own Islamist friends who’ve released a massive nationwide transportation restriction to try and hit the federal government and activists in the Bangladesh Nationalist party.

Atleast 25 individuals have died within the latest assault including of a dozen after vehicles were firebombed by protesters burned to death.

The federal government has used a large number of paramilitary’s authorities and an elite anti-militant pressure to crackdown about the protesters. However the assault has continued unabated, disrupting shipments and transportation companies of clothes, the country’s largest export.

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Viber is temporarily banned in Bangladesh

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