Now You Can Play Games with Viber Messaging App

Viber, who is famous because of its unique style messaging app features, is ready to expand its network to gaming world, with some major functions that enable its users to connect using their Viber account and play games.

Its support has expanded to provide integration with mobile games, following within the digital gambling actions of competing messaging applications including KakaoTalk, Line, and Tango.

Viber has partnered with third party game designers feel and look in addition to release a mobile games that aren’t just improved using the label figures but additionally included using the message app’s system of the Viber manufacturer.

The activities may be offered within Viber’s app via the Activities area, and you will be liberated to obtain via the Appstore – as well as Google Play however many functions will need to be revealed through in-app purchases.

Players can anticipate more titles featuring people from Viber’s Label Marketplace, whilst the organization is partnering with designers to permit them to incorporate information on their activities that Viber customers already are acquainted with. The organization is on the move using its attempts to round out its cellular offering, having included video calls in public talks and September last month.

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Now You Can Play Games with Viber Messaging App

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