Viber App vs. ESET Antivirus?

Rakuten has gradually become much more and more common recently and actually obtained Viber this season for nearly a million dollars. Going beyond simple phones, the support was also extended to desktops in 2013.

It seems that sooner or later, however, ESET’s NOD32 – the anti-virus software – started flagging Viber like a risk. A battle of terms has started off between Viber App and ESET like a potential risk which Viber didn’t lash back stating that ESET was a cart software and take following the latter flagged the messaging application.

Viber is of the view that ESET’s application is buggy and customers must obtain a greater antivirus to safeguard their systems.

ESET didn’t respond via a twitter containing screenshot of supposed Viber signal that it promises not just sends out information to its machines, but additionally downloads material without informing customers and get Viber’s complaint carefully.

What Viber was not expecting was for ESET to react, as it could get as well as the reaction was as elegant. ESET tweeted its picture back, now, however, it had been an image of the Viber specialist is source code showing quiet data being delivered back to Viber and quiet packages, along with a message from ESET stating that their customers’ privacy comes.

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Viber App vs. ESET Antivirus?

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