Viber Candy Mania, Wild Luck & Viber Pop: the First Games

Chat app Viber opens its games service to all users worldwide. The Viber Messenger upon laying down its growth strategy and the way to winning the user loyalty, formulated the strategy on how these were going to be achieved. In these in mind, Viber, the messaging app has made its gaming service available to users across the world in just initial two months in 5 countries.

The messaging app that was purchased for $900 million by Rakuten one year ago, initially launched three games for users in Belarus, Israel, Singapore, Ukraine and Malaysia in December.

The gaming application supported on the Android operating systems titled Viber Candy Mania, Wild Luck and Viber Pop, are the impartial apps that connect up with Viber to let users exchange scores, challenges and most importantly interact with friend on the service, thus creating a linked gaming encounter.

The philosophy here is that users can increase their engagement with the service and for the Viber, make money from the purchase of the app on play stores, power-ups and additional lives among others.

Mr. Talmon, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Viber, Marcos had initially told of his excitement to bringing titles to most of Viber’s global user base that is 236 million active monthly users, currently. Even though he did not give exact details concerning the pilot, he said that the initial commitments data was good.

Mr. Marcos also gave hope to the users that a lot more awaits them in the store, giving a hint that they should expect more new games to arrive soon. Even though no exact details were outlined in the areas, these games will be centered on, and the plans Viber is employing to ensure such is achieved.

All these projects are mostly aimed at increasing the Viber users and at the same time enhance the popularity of the application. Its popularity will enhance the purchase of the app, and thus increasing the Viber revenue from the commissions it obtains upon users buying the app. The revenue elements, as earlier indicated, is not only being derived from the purchase, but also the in-app adverts that pop up when users use the app.

The development of the games is also focused on fighting the messaging powerhouses such as the WeChat, Facebook, and Twitter among others. Once they win the user loyalty, then the competition element will be a long forgotten story in its growth strategy.

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Viber Candy Mania, Wild Luck & Viber Pop: the First Games

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