Why Viber App might end Up being the Top at Social Networking!

You must have read many articles and reviews about the Viber app. Or in any case, you must also have come across a friend or relative who is using this app in case you don’t have it in your smartphone device. The Viber App has been widely used by teens and adults at sending IM messages. It doubles up as a file sharing program apart from its ability to make free calls. All you need in order to successfully use this app is an internet connection. You can either consider using Wi-Fi connections or subscribe to data. Viber integrates perfectly with Android OS, iOS, and Windows.

Recently the app has received a lot of updates including the ability to create a group of upto 100 members. Its new design offers it with a new look and feel. With the, you will easily add friends by entering their phone numbers (if they are already connected to the app). You can also add friends by scanning their QR code.

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Why Viber App might end Up being the Top at Social Networking!

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