Things to Remember for Viber for PC

Things to Remember for Viber for PC,

  1. if you are not able to install Viber for PC just leaves a comment below and we will be able to help you.
  2. Viber app is sluggish and might not work all the time on your PC, try restarting the simulator once you have installed it
  3. Viber for PC is really possible and we will soon post a video on how to verify your phone number using Viber on a simulator for free.
  4. The software we downloaded is called you wave Android simulator and available for download from their site.
  5. Join our email list to stay updated and like us on Facebook to stay tuned with the updates.

Let us know how did you like our Viber on PC and if you had any issues.

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Things to Remember for Viber for PC

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