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Viber, an instant messaging and calling application for the Smartphone, uses VOIP. With 100 million monthly users all over the world, Viber is the most popular application for the smart phone.

Viber was launched on July 2, 2010 for I phone. Four Israeli partners Talmon Marco, Igor Megzinik, Sani Maroli and Ofer Socha invented Viber and launched it. In the year 2012, Viber was available for Blackberry and the Windows Smartphone. In the year 2014, Viber scored one out of seven points from electronic frontier foundation as the most secure messaging system in the digital communication system. Viber is currently available in 30 languages all over the world with more languages to be added at the end of 2015. But Viber mainly gets famous after it made collaboration with the Android operating systems. At present day nobody will able to find a Smartphone’s without the Viber application in it.

Viber introduced some unique features for their user including stickered text messaging, video and picture messaging on all platforms. This new concept was introduced in mid 2012. The voice calling features of Viber are only available for the Android, I phones and Microsoft Windows operating system but the company expects to increase the dimension in 2016.

Very recently on December 2013, Viber launched a new feature naming Viber out that provides the user to use their cell number or landline number. With that, Viber members can also make a call to the people who are not using Viber application. And the most exciting part of Viber out is that feature needs no updates.

On February 2015, an e-commerce giant of Japan named Rakuten bought the ownership of Viber.  Rakuten wanted to enter the digital world, and Viber was their best choice with 300 million monthly users. Chief executive officer of Rakuten Hiroshi Mikitani said they wanted to expand their business in the last few years, and they got the chance to buy the ownership of Viber. They did not think twice because of the increasing popularity of Viber. Viber holds the position of top five positions among the call and messaging app for Smartphone. Viber already has a high demand on the app market of USA, UK and Middle East. The new combination of e-commerce and digital communication will give a tremendous flow of the business in the next few years. People are expecting to see Viber In more modified version because of Rakuten in the coming years.

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Viber – The Latest Buzz

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